Call for Artifacts

The 18th International Working Conference on Variability Modelling of Software-Intensive Systems (VAMOS 2024) will be the first edition to host an artifact track. The artifact track aims to foster reusability in the variability modelling field. Through this track, researchers can actively contribute to open science in software engineering research.

An artifact includes (but is not limited to) any dataset, tool, script, experimental protocol, codebook, or other executable or non-executable object produced by or used in the research published at VAMOS 2024.

For this first edition, the track relies on the badges defined by the ACM, and is expecting submissions in the following categories:

  • Available: Author-created artifacts relevant to this paper have been placed in a publicly accessible archival repository. A DOI or link to this repository and a unique identifier for the object are provided.
  • Functional: The artifacts associated with the research are found to be documented, consistent, complete, exercisable, and include appropriate evidence of verification and validation.
  • Reusable:  The artifacts associated with the paper are of a quality that significantly exceeds minimal functionality. That is, they have all the qualities of the Artifacts Evaluated – Functional level, but, in addition, they are very carefully documented and well-structured to the extent that reuse and repurposing are facilitated. In particular, norms and standards of the research community for artifacts of this type are strictly adhered to.


Authors of accepted papers in VAMOS 2024 are encouraged to submit their artifacts for evaluation. To submit an artifact, you should submit via EasyChair an extended abstract containing the following information:

  • A description of the artifact and its purpose,
  • the pre-supposed knowledge expected from the users of the tool,
  • a clear statement of the badge you are applying for,
  • a copy of the accepted paper in VAMOS 2024,
  • a link to a website that contains a frozen version of the artifact.

The website should contain, in addition to the artifact itself, instructions on how to use or install it (README.txt), the technical requirements of the tool (REQUIREMENTS.txt), and its license (LICENSE.txt).

Submissions will be handled via EasyChair