Social Events


Our conference dinner will take place in the restaurant Dampfzentrale on 8 Feb 2024. The dinner is optional and needs to be booked on top of your registration to the conference for 90 CHF. The restaurant is located directly at the river Aare, which surrounds the inner city of Bern. The dinner itself will be served in a cozy winter tent in the garden.

You may join us in walking to Dampfzentrale right from the Spooky Bern tour (see below), or meet us there at 19:30.

Location PinDampfzentrale, Marzilistrasse 47, 3005 Bern
8 February 2024, 19:30

Spooky Bern

On February 8, we will embark on a 90 minute tour through the dark, forgotten, and spooky parts of Bern. We will discover many parts of Bern’s old town – spots and stories you might miss on a casual tourist tour. Join our spooky night walk through Bern. This tour is included in your VaMoS 2024 ticket.

You may join us in walking to the tour from the VaMoS venue at 16:45, or meet us at Zytglogge (direction of Kramgasse) at 17:15. The tour probably ends at Fricktreppe after about 90 minutes.

Location PinZytglogge, Bern
8 February 2024, 17:15